Omnicars Helderberg

Dear Omnicars Helderberg Customer,


In an effort to improve our service and product to our clients, Omnicars Helderberg will merge with our sister branch in Paarl.

The merge will leave us with a larger footprint in the marketplace and will allow us even more buying power, which will result in a much wider selection of pre-owned vehicles on offer, at a much larger facility and at a more competitive price.

Omnicars Helderberg would also like to thank all our customers for all the support at our Somerset West branch, and would like the extend an invitation to visit us at our new facility at 368 Main Road in Paarl, or visit us at

Your contact at the new facility will be Dawie Van Der Walt on (021) 872 0242 or

Kind Regards

Johann Grobbelaar (Dealer Principal Omnicars Helderberg)









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