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No, we have a Business Manager on site that will assist you to get the best finance deal that suits your needs.

Please refer to our FAIS Complaints Policy. Because every complaint is unique, a process needs to be followed to keep track and to provide the correct feedback.

Yes, off course you will have the choice to trade in your current vehicle. We will perform an appraisal to determine trade value and also request the settlement, if there is one. Please bear in mind that each trade in will be handled on an individual basis because of different factors involved.

Yes, if you want to purchase through a finance institution they will perform a credit check to determine your historical payment conduct.

Unless you buy cash. A vehicle cannot be bought without a driving licence as there is a risk to the finance house relating to insurance claims being rejected. They cannot accept a nominated driver as this constitutes third-party finance, which they do not offer. A nominated driver will only be considered for medical reasons, and they will require a medical certificate from a specialist in this regard.

Unless you buy cash, any private person or juristic person can enter into an agreement without a deposit. However, it is within the finance institution’s discretion to request a deposit.

This mechanism enables you to pay a reduced monthly instalment. It means that you can defer a percentage of the purchase price until the end of an instalment sale or lease agreement. This may improve your monthly cash flow, but the full amount is still payable over the period (including interest on the balloon payment).

Just browse through our website.

We give a one-month unconditional warranty with an option of a two-year warranty.

You would have to bring the car in for an appraisal or we can come out to you.

You can get it immediately or as soon as you have signed the bank documents.

It is a documentation fee, which includes all the licencing, registration, number plates, delivery inspection, and fuel.

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We believe in personalised customer service, and always strive to adapt to our customers’ changing needs. Our modern service centres with qualified, experienced technicians will give you peace of mind.

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